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pelalawan regency

pelalawan regency

A group of farmers from Kesuma village in the remote corners of Pelalawan regency in Riau province has managed to successfully get their livestock of goats to breed, reproduce and sell it to the point where the population has increased 195 percent, from 40 to 118, in just a year.

Indonesian authorities are reportedly taking more steps to prevent forest fires in the Riau region that cause transboundary haze.

According to the Jakarta Post, the Riau provincial administration in Indonesia has dedicated four areas in the Pelalawan regency as areas free from forest and peatland fires.

Officials were quoted as saying that the idea of creating fire-free villages emerged during a series of discussions involving 34 companies operating in the regency.

The meeting was aimed at seeking a permanent solution to stop forest and peatland fires in the area.

Pelalawan Regent H.M. Harris was quoted by the Post as saying the main point of the declaration was to raise awareness for fire prevention.

The Pelalawan regency administration is also working with companies to provide awards and motivate residents.

Message from the wise: once one vote or even move will result in the destruction of the future feel Pelalawan Regency

Peresmian pembangunan perumahan weni regency jalan lingkar pangkalan kerinci kabupaten pelalawan riau

Ayoooo yg mau jengkol campurnya tinggal 2 bungkus lagi ya?yg minat kerumah aja ya?khusus ibu2 pelalawan regency....

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